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Lori Spagna: How Our Benevolent ET Races Are Helping Us

Lori Spagna: How Our Benevolent ET Races Are Helping Us
Join Author, Luminary, and Contactee Lori Spagna as she goes Deep Beyond the 3rd Dimension, with: Details of her Experiences in Shifted Realities, Information on Your Dormant DNA, Our Galactic and Star Family, Ascension to Consciousness, Sacred Activations, the Role of Our Animals during the Ascension Timelines, and Much More!

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Lori Spagna: How Our Benevolent ET Races Are Helping Us

About The Speaker

Lori Spagna

Lori Spagna

Lori Ann Spagna is a Best Selling Author, Spiritual Catalyst, Intuitive, Energy Worker, Ascension Guide, Multi~Dimensional Channel, Animal Communicator, Visionary and Luminary who radically transformed her life after a series of near death experiences while living in Maui.

Lori helps Visionary Leaders and heart centered entrepreneurs to transform their lives and make the GLOBAL IMPACT they came here to make using intuitive guidance, energy healing, metaphysical tools and higher consciousness so that you can truly contribute to the EXPANSION and positive UP~Liftment of Humanity, align with your soul's highest agenda and achieve your highest fulfillment.

Lori has dedicated her entire professional life in service and contribution to The LIGHT and has become a Master Intuitive, Energy Healer and Channel. She leads seminars, workshops and retreats where she provides High Level Mentorship, Sacred Energy Healing Transmissions and Dormant DNA Activations for humans and animals and assists others to awaken to their alignment with their Source to become the best version of you.

What You Will Discover:

  • Learn About A Contactee Experience and The Near Death Transformational
    Results To Assist Humanity on a Global Scale
  • Learn More About Navigating Beyond 3rd Dimension and Anchoring Into The
    5th Dimensional Realm
  • Learn About The 5th Dimension, The 6th Dimension Through 12th Dimensions
    & Beyond
  • Understand how to navigate through the 3rd Dimension, 4th Dimension and
    5th Dimensional Realities
  • Understand the new energies, vibrations and frequencies you must align
    with to fully participate in and anchor into the new 5D Paradigm
  • Receive Source Consciousness wisdom, insights, guidance and updates
    about navigating the Shift of Consciousness and the Ascension Process
  • Learn About The Universal Laws and Understand How to Use The Consciousness
    of The Universal Laws to Assist YOU and To Help Shift Humanity
  • Understand how to personally experience and process deep inner transformation
    through awakening, healing and empowerment as you come into alignment with your true, authentic, Divine Self
  • Align yourself with pure Source Consciousness in the areas of your
    life and Ascension which matter most for Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wayshowers, Change Agents and Spiritually Minded Animal Lovers
  • Get Transformational Healing and Sacred Energy Activations for you
    and your animal companions
  • Learn about the sacred contracts of animals and the roles that
    they are playing during the Ascension timelines
  • Learn About and Activate Your Dormant DNA and Your
    Dormant Potential
  • Hear About Our True Galactic & Star Family Heritage
    and The Galactic Timeline for Humanity’s Awakening
  • Understand Vibrational Energy Healing, Sacred Activations & Cellular Codes
    of Awakening for You & Your Animal Companions and Why This Is So Important During This Time of Planetary Evolution

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