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  • Discover more about the extraterrestrial species who play essential roles in human history, and the potential technological and social implications of making mass contact with them at this time on Earth. Many common misunderstandings (primarily caused by focused disinformation campaigns) will be revealed, and alternative and integrative perspectives on extraterrestrial relationships will be offered.

  • Over eight different species will be covered in depth, revealing their planetary cultures, gifts and challenges they have offered humanity, and their roles in Earth’s evolution. Learn to identify qualities of each of these species to discover your own Star Family heritage and Soul Lineage, and be able to recognize your Star Family here on Earth. In addition, methods of establishing direct contact and uncovering lifetimes on other worlds will be offered.

Featuring Adam Apollo

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What Will Be Covered:

  • Learn about the species who have seeded humanity
  • Discover cultures on earth that originated in the stars
  • Understand the archetypal qualities of different ET species
  • Connecting to one another across cultures, time and space!
  • True world and galactic history
  • Establish direct contact with your star family
  • Identify your own galactic lineage

About Adam:

Adam is founder and Executive Director of Access Granted, a multimedia educational resource development company. Access Granted is designed to provide advanced technology, ecology, and body-mind education in urban locations around the world through publicly available integrated centers and high-tech facilities. It is also the central hub of a massive network of “Agents” dedicated to Planetary Transformation and Healing, many of which have developed their own organizations and companies to be of greatest service to the changes currently happening on the Earth.

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