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Phil Gruber: Visitors to a Small Planet

Phil Gruber: Visitors to a Small Planet
Visit to a Small Planet is a little-known 1960 Sci-Fi comedy starring Jerry Lewis as an alien named Kreton from the planet X-47 who visits Earth against the wishes of his teacher, gets in all sorts of trouble and ultimately returns to his homeworld.

Please join Phil Gruber as we reveal the greater truths and larger context regarding Visitor Contact, Alien Intervention, and Angelic Communication, from ancient pre-history to the present and extending into the future.

'Official' recognition of alien presence in our world seems immanent according to many inside sources.

Is the world ready? Are you?

What We Will Explore...
◈ What form will the revelation of extra-terrestrial intelligence take?
◈ Who do we trust for the truth regarding alien contact?
◈ Where are they from, why are they here, what do they want?
◈ A Special Section on Walk-Ins!
◈ Alien technologies and methods of communication.
◈ A primer in Cosmic Structure
and much more.

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Phil Gruber: Visitors to a Small Planet

About The Speaker

Phil Gruber

Phil Gruber

Phil is featured in the critically-acclaimed film "The Indigo Evolution". His passion, enthusiasm, kind spirit, generosity, sparkling wit and intelligence has made him a much-loved and highly respected speaker on the international scene.  He is acknowledged world-wide as one of the planet's foremost teachers of Sacred Geometry, Light Language, The Indigo Children, The Magdalene Mysteries, Advanced Healing Systems, Cosmic History, The Master Key and an ever-growing repertoire of fascinating subjects. Phil has spoken at the United Nations and his first book, "The Kabbalah Code", a collaboration with James F. Twyman, has been published by Hay House.

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