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Portals of Ascension: The Science of Stargates with Phil Gruber

Portals of Ascension: The Science of Stargates with Phil Gruber
Our evolutionary destiny and true purpose is, among other things, a physical mastery of the process of dimensional ascension, which is another way of saying multi-dimensional integration.  Ascension IS real.  It is a reality as a spiritual concept which implies that it is also a reality in physical terms.

The Original Immortal Race of Humanity, known by many as the Turaneusiam, was created with the express purpose of being guardians and custodians of the Planetary Templar, the series of interdimensional black and white hole vortices that function as literal STARGATES in our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix.

You are invited to participate in a quest to reclaim our original heritage and commission as guardians and custodians of the Holy Grail of Stargates.  The year is 2023 and the party is here on Earth.  Everybody comes here at this time of Planetary Ascension, because via Earth's Stargates, the Interplanetary Templar can be accessed; most prominently the 8th Dimensional Meta-Galactic Core, through which identities in consciousness first enter to experience the illusions of space/time and matter, as well as the final exit point that consciousness uses to expand beyond the confines of the time.

This workshop will be nothing if not experiential;  how could it be otherwise?

In this timely and profoundly-impactful workshop, we will (re)learn the secret science of Stargates, and in the process, reclaim the love and freedom that is our evolutionary path and divine destinies.


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Portals of Ascension: The Science of Stargates with Phil Gruber

About The Speaker

Phil Gruber

Phil Gruber

Phil is featured in the critically-acclaimed film "The Indigo Evolution". His passion, enthusiasm, kind spirit, generosity, sparkling wit and intelligence has made him a much-loved and highly respected speaker on the international scene.  He is acknowledged world-wide as one of the planet's foremost teachers of Sacred Geometry, Light Language, The Indigo Children, The Magdalene Mysteries, Advanced Healing Systems, Cosmic History, The Master Key and an ever-growing repertoire of fascinating subjects. Phil has spoken at the United Nations and his first book, "The Kabbalah Code", a collaboration with James F. Twyman, has been published by Hay House.

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