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Preventing Amnesia in the Reincarnation Process

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Preventing Amnesia in the Reincarnation Process
Julius will provide 2 primary hidden secrets to help you prevent the amnesiac process. What if we could assist you along your Conscious journey to hold your conscious awareness into your next experience. Most humans reach a point of awareness where this concern crosses their minds. Join us in this powerful conversation and presentation designed for you. A activation will be provided to everyone in attendance.

Kasey and Brad Wallis channel a teaching group of beings who have been human themselves. They are known as Julius. Together they are teaching humans about the human experience. They can be found on the Xpnsionnetwork.com with television programming, and at www.expandwithjulius.com their website.

In This Workshop You Will Learn About:
- Why do we have amnesia
- Can we prevent amnesia
- How to prevent it,
- What this does for our journey and ascension
- How this effects other fractals of your existence,

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