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Remote Viewing 4 Week Course | Alan Steinfeld

Remote Viewing 4 Week Course | Alan Steinfeld
In this 4 week course we will discover the use of non-local awareness. This is an essential aspect of every human being. Remote viewing (RV) in particular is a practice that helps us gain access to our intuitive, creative right brain awareness, which many of us have been taught to ignore due to our social conditioning. But this potential has never left us, and can come online as we let go of our linear processing of reality. Russell Targ, one of the founders of the Remote Viewing program calls this “Naked Awareness.” This awareness taps us into the experience of being energy beings with energetic senses just like physical senses. Essentially this is a spiritual practice, where the true nature of who and what we are can be cognized in order to know ourselves as infinite, divine beings.

Week 1 ~ October 7th: Accessing the Mind at Large
This first session will be devoted to how to access our innate ability to potentially know consciously everything about anything anytime. This is what the visionary Aldous Huxley called “The Mind at Large.” To do this we have to clearly realize the difference between the noise and signal. Once we can clearly distinguish the mental chatter (the noise) and get the signal of the non-local target, a window opens up in our mind’s eye to see and sense the non local reality. Russell Targ, one of the founders of the RV Program at the Stanford Research Institute will be present at the start of the class to discuss the origins of the practice and to answer any immediate questions.

Week 2 ~ October 14th: Windows of the Mind
As we progress in the RV practice, we will proceed from sensing objects to tuning into places, and eventually events of the past, present and future. In this phase the windows of non-locality open and consciousness can transcend the boundaries of time and space. In the experience of our consciousness beyond our physical bodies we will go deeper into the understanding of how we are the observers of all existence. This will help us realize that we each are forever, infinite being.

Week 3 ~ October 21st, Beyond Time and Space
When we realize the scope of consciousness we will see there are no limits to our greater perception, and be able to attune ourselves to different frequencies past and future timelines. This will be an explorations of seeing the future, and retrieving the past. We explore some of the unsolved mysteries of history and venture into the unknown realms of the future including a group visit to other worlds and planetary civilizations. Drs. JJ and Desiree Hurtak from the Academy of Future Science and the Keys of Enoch will join us for part of the presentation to explain 8th dimensional space as they did in their book with Elizabeth Rauscher, called Mind Dynamics.

Week 4 ~ October 24th: The Multiverse and Beyond
RV can be put into practical application of seeing into the bodies as in medical mediumship, psychic readings of other people’s emotion bodies and past situations, knowing the moods and conditions of our pets, and even channeling higher conscious beings who are all around us. In addition, the same used to receive non-local impressions can also be used to send energy to others called remote influencing.

* Overall, these 4 weeks of practice with homework helps us develops “gnosis” ‘pure knowing’- as we open to infinite possibilities. Other aspects of the greater mind maybe discussed in this series depending on the aptitude and desire of those participating in the classes.

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Remote Viewing 4 Week Course | Alan Steinfeld

About The Speaker

Alan Steinfeld

Alan Steinfeld

Alan Steinfeld has been involved with Disclosure since he is experiences as a young child. From that time he realized that the only way for humanity to accept the fact that we are not alone – is to shift our worldview about what we think is possible. In this way he feels we must transcend the old limitations of our mind and tap into what is beyond mainstream psychology, beyond our education, our religions and our political ideologies. He feels that Disclosure is “an inside job.” It is only when we awake up to who we really are as galactic beings that the cosmos will come to greet us in our magnificence. To this end he hosts and produces the internet sensation New Realities seen at YouTube Channel and on his website.

From this platform he has interview every top researcher in the UFO field; forming close alliances to such people as John Mack, Budd Hopkins, Richard Dolan and Linda Moultin Howe. He has also been one the main emcees at Contact in the Desert for the last 3 years. This has been called “The Woodstock” for UFO/ET explorations and sees a growing populist movement towards the ultimate Truth emerging.

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