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Rey Hernandez: A Greater Reality

Rey Hernandez: A Greater Reality
This presentation will introduce the hypothesis that ET and interdimensional experiences are interrelated via Non-local Consciousness, a manipulation of space-time, and a possible multidimensional reality which has spiritual implications.

Reinerio (Rey) Hernandez is one of the co-chairs of the CCRI, Consciousness and Contact Research Institute, an academic research institute comprised of 20 Ph.D. academics and medical doctors in the fields of Astrophysics, Philosophy, Theoretical Physics, Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Sociology, Quantum Biology, Information Sciences and other researchers of PSI, Consciousness and the Paranormal Contact Modalities.

The other co-chairs of CCRI are Harvard Astrophysicist Dr. Rudy Schild and noted NDE researcher, Dr. Jeffrey Long, MD. CCRI is in the process of establishing a 5 year comprehensive academic research study to understand the interrelationship between “Experiencers” of the Contact Modalities (individuals that have had contact with Conscious Intelligence via Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, UFOs/UAPs, Ghosts/Spirits, Remote Viewing, Hallucinogenic Experiences, Channeling, and other PSI and Paranormal experiences) and leading theoretical hypotheses relating to the nature of our multidimensional reality which includes Nonlocal Consciousness.

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Rey Hernandez: A Greater Reality

About The Speaker

Rey Hernandez

Rey Hernandez

Rey was a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of California at Berkeley where he was the recipient of a National Science Foundation Ph.D. Fellowship.  He is currently the Director of the Consciousness and Contact Research Institute, or CCRI, an academic research institute comprised of more than 25 Ph.D. academics, medical doctors, and researchers whose mission is to explore the findings of consciousness research and the phenomenology of “paranormal  experiences”, what CCRI calls “The Contact Modalities”.  

Rey’s first book, published in 2018, is an 820-page academic book, co-edited with a team of retired Ph.D. academics, titled “Beyond UFOs:  The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence”, which was the world’s first and only comprehensive worldwide academic statistical research study on UFO Contact Experiencers.  Over 4,300 individuals participated from over 125 countries.  Rey has also published in several peer-reviewed academic journals including the Journal of the International Academy of Consciousness and the Journal of the Society for Scientific Exploration.  Rey has recently published 5 new books which are a 4-volume book series (800 pages for each volume) titled “A GREATER REALITY:  The New Paradigm of Nonlocal Consciousness, the Paranormal and the Contact Modalities”.  Over 45 Ph.D. academics, professors at medical schools, and medical doctors contributed chapters for “A Greater Reality”.  His most recent book is titled, “The Mind of GOD: A Spiritual-Virtual Reality Model of Consciousness & the Contact Modalities”, published in 2022.  CCRI’s website is AGreaterReality.Com and contains contain free PDF copies of the 50 chapters from Volumes 1 and 2, our theoretical and academic chapters.  In the near future, Volumes 3 and 4, our Experiencer chapters, will also be made available for free in our website.  Rey’s email is:  Info@AGreaterReality.Com

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