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Saryon Michael White: Modeling Galactic Integration

Saturday, May 8, 2021
12PM - 2PM PT / 3PM - 6PM ET

Saryon Michael White: Modeling Galactic Integration
As humanity and the Earth enter the pangs of labor to give birth to a new and more unified consciousness, we are beginning to experience an increased mirroring effect of the dramas and potentials of the greater Galactic Family we are a part of.

From the higher evolutionary potentials of the Arcturians to the unresolved issues of polarity in the Orion System, humanity is awakening into the influences we are connected with holographically.

Now we have reached a new vista of consciousness where awareness of our unique purpose in the galaxy can start to become a shared experience globally.

What does it mean to Model Galactic Integration? Come explore the insights, prophecies and guidance Saryon has been channeling as a Galactic Integrator, and experience a live activation and channeled transmission to help us align with the incoming waves of Light that speak to us from our more ascended and integrated future.

What We Will Explore...
What it means to model Galactic Integration
What are some of the issues of polarity we are reflecting from other systems and how to transcend them
How to create the most meaningful alignment with the Arcturians and other Guardian Species
How to experience ever deepening contact with the Galactic Family
How to guard and protect humanity's alignment with the more enlightened part of the Galactic Spectrum
What our Path of Integration with the Galactic Family means for the future

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