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Saryon Michael White: Remembering the Mystery Schools of Egypt

Saryon Michael White: Remembering the Mystery Schools of Egypt
Before the reign of the patriarchal pharaohs that formed the backbone of Dynastic Egypt, an Ancient Mystery School flourished that held the consciousness of the emerging civilization in balance and integrity with the sacred feminine. This was when the Pyramids and Temples were last used according to their true purpose as multidimensional conduits during a time when the Earth was in a special alignment with the stars.

The Mystery School was part of the plan of the ancient survivors of Atlantis who had prepared a multi-stage process for restarting civilization and passing on a legacy of ancient knowledge that is beginning to awaken within us today.

The work of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School was far-reaching. It was a school of the future that modeled Galactic Integration with our Galactic Family and held civilization in a hologram of love vibration. It anchored the future into the past to establish a blueprint for our current awakening into the Galactic Spectrum, and we are now here to pick up where our ancient selves left off.

As a guide to the work of the Ancient Mystery Schools, Saryon carries memories from the founding of the Egyptian Temples in Atlantean times, and their reactivation some 6000 years ago. He remembers the Egyptian Mystery School when it was at its height, and what caused its downfall.

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Saryon Michael White: Remembering the Mystery Schools of Egypt

About The Speaker

Saryon Michael White

Saryon Michael White

Saryon's research into UFOs, Ancient Civilizations, human origins, and the hidden history of the world took a dramatic turn during his first year of college when he started having out-of-body experiences. Research turned into exploration as he learned how to travel dimensionally and through time, in the out-of-body state. Soon, he began receiving visitations from angels and ETs that showed the Living Records of Earth and other worlds. Now, more than 25 years later, he's sharing what he's discovered through this unique journey and process of research, revelation, and psychic exploration.

As an author, channel, spiritual historian, and somewhat of an out-of-body investigator, Saryon is a guide to the portals and time capsules of living memory that are now opening, helping people attune to what is coming online in the human chakra system with his stories and information.

His first book, Roya Sands and the Bridge Between Worlds, weaves truth into fiction as a young woman discovers her mysterious connection to a lost civilization living inside the Earth.

In this class, we will...

  • Connect with the Master Teachers and Guides of the Mystery School
  • Learn about the Egyptian Initiations and how they are continuing today
  • Explore the Hidden History of Ancient Egypt and it’s Atlantean Roots
  • Align with the Energy of the Pyramids and Temples whose stones speak
  • Discover Your Connection to the unfolding process remembrance
  • Activate Your Inner Senses and Choose a Path of Galactic Integration
  • Attune to the Consciousness of the Mystery School as it exists today

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