Sound & Vibration Awareness 4 Week Course

Sound & Vibration Awareness 4 Week Course

7/7, 7/14, 7/21, 7/28 | 3PM -6PM PDT
Tue, November 1

Tue, November 1


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Learn the fundamentals, ancient to modern history, science and metaphysics behind sound healing. A fully encompassing course in which we will delve into a wholistic awareness of sounds and vibration, taking us back to before the physical universe existed to the manifestation of all of creation and the sound tools that exist on Earth.

● Learn the history of many sound healing tools and how to use them
● How to lay out, set up a sound experience and create variation in sounds
● Explore sound in the stories of creation
● Discover how sacred geometry including the Flower of Life takes on the design element of harmonic frequencies and represent each dimension of existence and each of the 5 senses
● Explore if sound was used for levitation to create the great megalithic structures to include the Great Pyramids and if these structures were in fact sound healing and energy centers
● Visit sites and learn how advanced knowledge of sound and frequency was implemented in the architecture
● Visit ancient sites including Ireland, Malta, Mexico, and the SaReGaMa Pillars in India and see how they were constructed to amplify sounds
● Learn why Pythagoras was the father of music therapy and what he taught on the Music of the Spheres
● Find out the future of medical breakthroughs to include treating cancer, Parkinson's and other diseases with the use of sound
● Quantum Physics and how it connects to spirituality and the metaphysical world
● The science of sound frequency so that you can know this is a reality and the actual effects it has on the human body and consciousness
● INSTRUMENTS we will explore: tuning forks, tibetan / crystal bowls, didgeridoo, healing tubes, tingsha bells… and additional instruments we will learn about