Channeling the Divine Within: Embodying Sacred Energies for Transformation
Online Workshop

Channeling the Divine Within: Embodying Sacred Energies for Transformation

Featuring Marissa Starseeded
Sat, September 30
11am - 1pm PT

Sat, September 30


  • 11am - 1pm PT
  • Replay Access
  • Live or Virtual

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Join us for a transformative journey into the realm of cosmic channeling and grounding, led by the renowned spiritual teacher, Marissa Starseeded. In this immersive workshop, you will learn how to become a channel for divine energy by invoking the deities through prayer and embodying their essence. Discover the power of connecting with different guides and invoking their wisdom into your own experience.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced channel, this event will provide you with valuable tools and insights to deepen your connection with the divine and awaken your multidimensional self.

  1. Opening and Introductions:

    • Welcome and introduction to the concept of cosmic channeling and grounding.

    • Setting intentions for personal growth and exploration.

  2. Learning to Ground to the Earth Plane while Connecting to the Cosmos:

    • Understanding the importance of grounding for spiritual growth.

    • Techniques and practices to anchor your energy to the earthly realm while maintaining a connection to the cosmic energies.

  3. Working with Different Guides and Invoking Their Presence:

    • Exploring the concept of spirit guides and their role in channeling.

    • Techniques to establish a connection with different guides and invite their wisdom into your channeling experience.

  4. The Deities and Their Revelation of Power and Multidimensional Nature:

    • Delving into the mystical realm of deities and their significance.

    • Understanding how deities exemplify their power and express their multidimensional nature.

  5. Expanding Your Channel to the Cosmic Unknown:

    • Pushing the boundaries of your channeling abilities to tap into higher realms.

    • Techniques for expanding your awareness and connecting with cosmic energies beyond your current understanding.

  6. Grounding and Returning to Wholeness:

    • Nurturing your well-being and maintaining balance while channeling cosmic energies.

    • Practices for grounding your energy and reestablishing a sense of wholeness after channeling experiences.

  7. Closing and Grounding the Channel:

    • Integration exercises to assimilate the insights gained during the event.

    • Techniques to safely close your channel and ground your energy before concluding the workshop.

Marissa Starseeded

Marissa Starseeded

Marissa awoke to cosmic consciousness in 2012 after undergoing a series of life-shifting events. With an effort to aid fellow and assist others who are searching for answers she founded StarSeeded, an online platform to deepen a soul’s connection to the cosmos.

Marissa specializes in channeling the divine to help others ground their dreams into Earthly reality. As a certified Past Life regressionist, Marissa specializes in safely connecting a soul to their higher self and allowing for vast cosmic remembrances. These safe spaces she curates propel starseeds to engage with their alignment for passion, path and purpose.

Prior to Starseeded, Marissa’s professional background is documentary film where she covered stories internationally to inspire a brighter future for humanity. Using these tools, Marissa’s goal for StarSeeded is to elevate Earth by creating a platform and collective for like-minded individuals who wish to fulfill a mission to assist in planetary evolution.