Teresa Yanaros: Actualizing the Superconscious Mind

Teresa Yanaros Super Conscious Mind

Teresa Yanaros: Actualizing the Superconscious Mind - Journey through Archetypes

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Travel with Teresa through the Major Arcana Archetypes to Engage in your very own Life-Review and expand your consciousness toward Self-Mastery. This webinar will focus on the development of the super conscious mind when you are an adult striving to achieve your soul purpose.

This Earthly experience IS your Portal to Ascension! Did you know that you can actually jump-start the ascension process through the magic of focusing attention and intention?

Your consciousness is your tool, and through metacognition (thinking about thinking) you can activate your DNA and expand your experience in a powerful way!

With unlimited replay access

Teresa Yanaros Divine Frequency

Teresa Yanaros

Teresa uses the Tarot as a framework to explain the process of soul development toward actualization and ascension. You do not need to know anything about Tarot to find your way around in this webinar, although you'll surely pick up some practical knowledge through the presentation. Teresa comes from a corporate training background and has an endless amount of energy, so be prepared to get excited about becoming an active participant in your own soul growth.

How Does This Workshop Work?
By shining your light of consciousness on your experience, you open up the door of your mind and unlock potential to tackle your obstacles and dreams head on. In order for the collective to ascend, we've got inner work to do! And that is what community is for. Let's do this together.

What you will learn

• What an archetype is and why it matters to your soul development process
• How to develop your ability to focus on and see the big picture
• The development process of actualizing your higher purpose as an adult
• Tips and tricks on transmutation of limiting belief systems in order to achieve your greatest version!

With unlimited replay access