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The Ancient Code: Awakening the Sleeping Serpent

The Ancient Code: Awakening the Sleeping Serpent
Is there an event or series of events so large that it could force a police officer to instantly leave his life-long career?

An officer decorated for bravery and ‘above and beyond’ public service. If so, what could that event or events be?

Following a multitude of personal paranormal experiences that shook the very foundation of his world trained police investigator Michael Feeley can now reveal to you a secret code that connects the whole of the ancient world, a world that has left us a message.

A message that changes what we have previously been told about our past and our rightful inheritance, namely knowledge. The foundations of religion rocked and the true purpose of the famous monuments of Earth and beyond revealed, this is a talk with a difference.

Know what they know as Michael takes you to a place of initiation – a place of sacred and secret knowledge that has traveled thousands of years through time to find you!
Join Michael as he answers, through the eyes of a trained investigator, the many questions others have failed to see…

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The Ancient Code: Awakening the Sleeping Serpent

About The Speaker

Michael Feeley

Michael Feeley

Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer and now ancient code breaker who has authored 7 paperback books and several e-books on various esoteric subjects and is also a public/conference speaker. Michael is a multiple paranormal experiencer and has personally witnessed dimensional portals, UFO sightings day and night, received telepathic invites to attend certain locations, has seen the spirits of British Royalty (King Charles I) and has seen an ET being face to face amongst many other encounters!

Michael now uses his 17 years of evidence gathering knowledge and investigative training to break many ancient codes that have previously remained a mystery throughout the world.

The face of history can now be changed as Michael demonstrates to you a ciphered code left for us to find within the famous monuments of the ancient world!

What you have previously been told can now be re-written…

In This Workshop You Will Learn About:

  • The great pyramid is a giant replica of the human brain
  • Jesus Christ is a metaphor for our inner fire, the Krestos and not a man
  • Stonehenge is a giant enigma machine to decode alien languages
  • The monuments and monoliths of the world contain a secret code left for humanity
  • Human's are not from Earth...

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