2017: You Have Been Called

You Have Been Called Angel Workshop

2017: You Have Been Called

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We have all been chosen, the question is are we going to choose back. It is time to create instant manifestation of our dreams and follow the synchronicities. These are the times we have been called for. Set your intentions to clear away the obstacles. Embrace your mission and step through the portal to reveal your true nature and special gifts in this lifetime.

Join Joan of Angels as she takes you on a visual journey through consciousness to unlock complete remembrance of who you are and your Earthly mission.

Your spiritual unfoldment has begun.

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Joan of Angels

Joan of Angels


"My fascination with the subconscious and archetypal myths led me on a lifetime journey, beginning at the age of 10, when I tried to remember my past lives, and read books on Lemuria, Atlantis, and psychic studies. After receiving my Master’s Degree in Counseling I moved to an Ashram, or Spiritual Community in Los Angeles, where my gifts as a healer emerged, leading me to relocate to Berkeley, where I launched an outrageously successful Chiropractic practice in Berkeley California, personally treating up to 90 patients a day. It was during this stage, I was shown visions of my destiny preparing me to become the Messenger for the Earth Messengers. On the podium in front of the massive coliseum, I watched as millions of people came through, some on crutches and wheelchairs, in rags, slowly, en masse, walking by. I stood in the front, with a tall, elegant angel behind and to my left. With a sweep of her pure iridescent wings, she sang a song to me, revealing these were my people, I, Joan, gift of God, was here to help heal them, to inspire them, to encourage them on their journey, alleviate their burdens and help them remember who they were. And as she sang, thousands passed us, throwing away their sorrows, their pains, their rags and their crutches. Here was my purpose, to heal and inspire millions of people." - Joan

What will be covered:

How to tap in, tune up and live this frequency 24/7

How do you know you have been called?

What are the signs?

How to hear the messages that are just for you

How to raise your frequency to call in the destiny and mission you are here to do

Be in alignment with millions of souls to create a shift on planet Earth.

This online workshop will activate, awaken and empower your higher dimension self.

With unlimited replay access


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