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The Heritage of Mars: A Closer Look at a Lost Civilization

The Heritage of Mars: A Closer Look at a Lost Civilization
In this groundbreaking presentation, New York Times bestselling author Mike Bara will show and discuss the latest findings from the images being sent back from the new Mars rover Perseverance. He will show on-the-ground visual evidence of the ancient high-tech civilization that once spread across the Red Planet and yet somehow was destroyed in a vast cataclysm that may have even redirected the evolution of life on Earth.

In this powerful 2-hour presentation, we will not only review proof of this high level civilization’s existence, but it’s connection to our current nascent space-faring civilization, and how life on Mars resulted in advanced life on Earth. We will further investigate the cultural and physical roots of this ancient high-culture and we will show how life on Earth is a natural extension… of the Heritage of Mars.

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