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Tricia McCannon: Mayan Prophecy & The Fifth Sun

Tricia McCannon: Mayan Prophecy & The Fifth Sun
Time is a living entity, or so our Mayan Elders tell us. Time moves in a vast circle, and if we can anticipate its moves, then we can learn to swim with the current, survive and thrive. Yet Western civilization conceives of time in a linear fashion, moving only in one direction. This gives us little understanding of how these vast patterns of time and space repeat, each time moving to a higher level of order. It also gives us no tools for how such vast cycles of time can be navigated by humankind. Yet the Mayan Calendar does. In this incredible presentation we take a Journey of discovery into the heart of the Mayan wisdom, discovering its precepts and prophecies that tell us that the end of this Age is coming. We discover the mechanisms of the Galactic Great year, the awakening of the Fifth Sun, and the Age of Illumination that is soon coming to our planet.

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Tricia McCannon: Mayan Prophecy & The Fifth Sun

About The Speaker

Tricia McCannon

Tricia McCannon

Tricia McCannon is a spiritual mystic, historian, and symbologist who is the author of five acclaimed books, 13 on-line books, and more than 30 DVDs. She has been a Headliner in Europe and America for over two decades.

Initiated into many ancient wisdom paths, she has appeared on over 200 radio shows and documentaries. She is the author of five books: Dialogues with the Angels, Return of the Divine Sophia, The Angelic Origins of the Soul, Jesus: The Explosive Story of the 30 Lost Years, and Angels: Personal Encounters with Divine Beings of Light.

She is the Director of the online Phoenix Fire Lodge Mystery School with 12 hundred page discourses, as well and the Way of Truth Mystery School with its global outreach. Both schools focus on the eternal nature of the soul, the integration of ancient wisdom and modern discoveries, and developing personal Inner Plane relationships with higher dimensional Masters, teachers, and divinities.

Tricia speaks on many diverse subjects including The Lost Years and Hidden Teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, The Hidden History of the World, the Egyptian Mysteries, UFOs, the Divine Feminine,  Ancient Civilizations, and the Path of Mastery.

As a renowned clairvoyant, she has read for over 6000 people worldwide, and is initiated in Celtic, Egyptian, Eastern, Christian, and Native American traditions. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and can be found on YouTube, Facebook, Linked In, and directly through her website at:  www.triciamccannon.com.

In This Amazing Visual Workshop You Will Discover:

  • The Mayan Philosophy of Time as a Living Entity
  • The Circular Nature and Patterns of both Time and Space
  • Time as an Ever Renewing Phoenix or Serpent
  • The 16 Billion Year Old Galactic Clock that Governs Evolution
  • Sacred Stories from the Popol Vuh about Earlier Ages of Mankind
  • The Importance of the Galactic Crossing in the Great Year
  • The Return of the Wisdom Teacher Kukulkan
  • Revelations from Thoth's Emerald Tablets
  • The Five Mayan Ages of Earth's Evolution
  • Our Imminent Transition into the Next World Age
  • The Tzolk'in Calendar Linked to the Pleiades Nebula
  • The Arrival of a Sky Dragon, Serpent Rope or Great Feathered Serpent
  • The Activation of Our Rainbow Bodies to Prepare for this Transition
  • The Coming of the Fifth World Age and the Impending Pole Shift
  • The Galactic Activation Happening in Galaxies across the Multiverse

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