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Unified Physics & The Geometry of Spacetime in Ancient Civilizations

Unified Physics & The Geometry of Spacetime in Ancient Civilizations
Modern science is at a turning point right now. The traditions of the past are converging with the most cutting-edge modern theoretical and experimental physics.

A new universal understanding is emerging, a unified reality of all the sciences where the fundamental field that connects all things is defined in great detail. The one thing that connects all things? Space itself. What is space? Does it have a structure? a dynamic? The study of the structure of space: Geometry.

As it turns out, the theorized geometry of space-time itself has been encoded by ancient civilizations around the world for thousands of years. Coincidence? Doubtful…

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Unified Physics & The Geometry of Spacetime in Ancient Civilizations

About The Speaker

Jamie Janover

Jamie Janover

Jamie Janover is recognized as an accomplished innovator whose insatiable curiosity has led him on a lifelong journey of delving into the realms of music, unified field theory, ancient civilizations, photography and world exploration.

Known as a renowned presenter of physicist Nassim Haramein's groundbreaking unified field theory for the Resonance Science Foundation, through his comprehensive presentations, Jamie skillfully elucidates the profound interconnectedness of all things in the universe, at all scales. He explains, in detail, the foundational principles of universal geometry that govern the physics of the cosmos, just as they once shaped the foundations of ancient civilizations' architecture, monuments and traditions.

Jamie's quest for understanding the foundational principles of the universe has led to collaborations with esteemed researchers, such as Robert Edward Grant and Alan Green (Bard Code). These diverse collaborations have expanded his insights across various fields of study, from mathematics and geometry to chemistry, physics, philosophy, and world history. As a result, Jamie adeptly conveys the principles of multiple disciplines, weaving a rich tapestry of interconnected ideas and perspectives.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Jamie Janover is widely recognized as a musical innovator, showcasing his mastery of the ancient percussion stringed instrument, the hammered dulcimer. Moreover, he has invented and performed on the ‘Mini-Kit’, a miniature amplified drum kit, explored the captivating world of ‘Pyrocussion’ (fire drums) and created the ‘RealmsMobile’ (a recumbent tricycle with the mini-kit attached, enabling him to ride and play drums simultaneously). By blending ancient instruments with modern technology, Jamie’s music achieves a harmonious balance between the electronic and the acoustic, creating a unified sonic field that resonates with the essence of modern times.

Jamie's passion for exploration has taken him to many countries across six continents where he has both performed as a professional musician and lectured as a presenter, including in Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Jordan, Indonesia, India, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Japan, Australia, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, England, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Canada and all across the USA from New York to Hawaii. His world travels have exposed him to diverse cultures and many ancient sacred sites, fueling his profound understanding of the relationship between modern science and the wisdom left behind by ancient civilizations.

As a featured speaker at previous online conferences hosted by Portal to Ascension, Jamie Janover has captivated audiences with detailed insights into the geometric origins of spacetime, quantum gravity, sacred geometry in ancient civilizations, the current scientific and cultural paradigm shifts, and the profound relationship between cosmic consciousness, frequency, and vibration through the study of cymatics. His presentations inspire and empower attendees, encouraging them to explore the fabric of creation and their fundamental place in the universe's structure.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Jamie expresses his creativity in various realms, including photography and creating sculptural works using natural found objects. This multidimensional approach to life makes him an experienced conduit of both information and art, effectively merging the knowledge of the ancient past with our modern scientific understanding.

Jamie Janover's journey as a presenter, musician, researcher collaborator, photographer, sculptor and world traveler is a testament to his ceaseless curiosity and innovative spirit. With his unique blend of knowledge and artistry, he continues to explore music, physics, photography, and the enigmatic mysteries of ancient civilizations, leaving a lasting impact many who have experienced his insightful perspectives and creative endeavors.

In This Class We Will Explore:

  • The fundamentals of unified physics
  • The geometry of space-time
  • The Unified Field Theory of Nassim Haramein
  • The ancient Flower of Life symbol around the world
  • Ancient Egypt, Peru, Mexico, China
  • Ancient civilizations encoding space-time geometry
  • A unified view of science

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