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Wilbur Allen UAPs & UFO Encounters

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Wilbur Allen UAPs & UFO Encounters

UFO researcher and contactee Wilbur Allen, who has extensively documented UFOs and flying anomalies will be speaking for us in September. Allen specializes in taking and forensically analyzing images and video of UAPs. To do this, he uses an elaborate photographic set-up that includes a 14” Celestron telescope with a 60 frames/sec full color 3.9M ISO IR camera. With this equipment, which he has modified to shoot at the digital equivalent of an extremely high film speed, he is able to record several craft flying above his house every night. He posts several of these images to his Facebook page daily. These vehicles are flying at an altitude of 50 miles and show up as long, thin cylinders--which appear to be travelling at over 50,000 mph. Allen has taken thousands of images and will share his best video and pictures with us.

Allen has had his own UFO encounters. An encounter in the UK at the age of 5 left him face to face with a group of grey aliens. He believes he has an implant related to these experiences, which he suspects may have enhanced his ability to see so many flying objects.

During his talk, Allen will discuss NASA’s confirmation of the existence of hidden portals in Earth’s magnetic field. He believes these are related to wormholes, and believes they are the means that ET craft travel to our world and between dimensions. These wormholes could lead into another universe or dimension, and may account for unusual disappearances and anomalies, such as those in the Bermuda Triangle and objects that show up on radar and then mysteriously disappear because they’re entering and exiting through portals associated with these wormholes. Allen reported that data from the Mir space station indicated objects were traveling into and out of wormholes on a daily basis. Allen says he’s documented frequent UFO activity in the Washington DC area where he lives, and there is likely a base for these craft near the White House.

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Wilbur Allen UAPs & UFO Encounters

About The Speaker

Wilbur Allen

Wilbur Allen

Wilbur Allen served in the USAF and is a former White House/Air Force One engineer who worked for Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton on Air Force One, Air Force 2 and Marine 2. He has also been a contract photographer for National Geographic. He lives in Washington, D.C. and holds a number of degrees from Howard University, including a technical PhD. “For my PhD, I took the technical design specifications associated with NASA Hubble (ISO 1600), and created from existing components a more advanced system with IR variability in a Real Time environment. The technology I used did not previously exist and had to be created. I augmented existing technology, modifying its original design specifications for IR applications.”

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