William Henry: Ascension, Egypt & The 2nd Christ

Ascension, Egypt & The 2nd Christ

William Henry: Ascension, Egypt & The 2nd Christ

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Are you ready to experience an intimate connectivity to your enlightened self?

Join William Henry as he shares his latest findings and puts you in spiritual alignment with history’s greatest avatars whose lives are model pathways to Ascension.

Our world has reached the threshold of a time unlike any other. This time requires that we tap into the deep resources and transformative powers of our hearts and be of service to the world. It’s time we burn away the old with love.

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William Henry

William Henry


William Henry is the author of sixteen books and numerous DVD programs on ancient mythology and neo-archaeology with a Stargate twist. By applying the latest theories in science and consciousness to ancient myths of the gates of the illumined gods, including Sumerian, Egyptian and Holy Grail gateway myths, he hopes to uncover the secrets of the guarded, by such groups as the Illuminati. His latest book, Oracle of the Illuminati, states that we are on the verge of rediscovering the sacred science of creating peace on Earth.

What will be covered:

Your guide into the trans formative power of art and symbols of human ascension!

Evidence of our divinity and the stories of Ascension through art!

The secrets of soul transfiguration and metamorphosis!

Connecting to one another across cultures, time and space!

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