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William Henry: Shiny, Happy People

William Henry: Shiny, Happy People
We live in a world where not just the news, but everything else is becoming fake. Thanks to technology, everything from our food, our clothes, our air, our bodies, to our world, is becoming synthetic and inorganic.

Is this by design? Are the powers that be purposefully transforming the human body and our ecosystem (including global governance)?

Manifesting the light body is the answer for the future of humanity.

Join internationally recognized teacher, speaker, co-ordinating producer of Ancient Aliens and host of Gaia TV’s, "The Awakened Soul,” for an opportunity to evolve your spirituality in ways that can better support you through the challenges and opportunities of 2017.

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William Henry: Shiny, Happy People

About The Speaker

William Henry

William Henry

Author, investigative mythologist, regular guest presenter on Ancient Aliens, and star of Arcanum TV, William Henry is your guide into the transformative power of art and symbols of human ascension. He has been documenting humanity’s awakening to its spiritual magnificence for over 20 years. Inspired by the great accomplishments of antiquity, William brings the evidence of our divinity. By bringing to life the stories of ascension through art, he teaches the secrets of soul transfiguration or metamorphosis and connects people to one another across cultures, time and space.

He is the author of sixteen books and numerous DVD programs on ancient mythology and neo-archaeology with a Stargate twist. By applying the latest theories in science and consciousness to ancient myths of the gates of the illumined gods, including Sumerian, Egyptian and Holy Grail gateway myths, he hopes to uncover the secrets of the guarded, by such groups as the Illuminati. His latest book, Oracle of the Illuminati, states that we are on the verge of rediscovering the sacred science of creating peace on Earth.

What Will Be Covered:

  • Are the powers that be purposefully transforming the human body and our ecosystem (including global governance)?
  • Do you crave authentic, historical insight into the process of ascension?
  • We cannot leave the planet and colonize our solar system unless we first transform humanity
  • The answer is to wake up from the delusion and become real Shiny, Happy People

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