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Zalah: The Spiritual Quickening

Zalah: The Spiritual Quickening
The Quickening is here. You were born during this time to evolve at the fastest rate possible.

This is what you came to this planet for. That’s why there’s such a calling in you to become conscious and to cultivate peace. We have to collectively transform the way we think and how we feel, and our connection to our hearts.

The future belongs to those who live intensely in the present.

The present is where your power is. If you’re going to live in the present, then you must be complete with the past. We will be addressing the ways you are being called to become more ‘Conscious’ now and the opportunity in front of humanity to create real lasting peace inside and out.

Learn about how the connection to our Hearts is forefront to transforming the way we think and feel.

During this event we will uncover where your Power exists and the fundamental reasons the future will be impacted by those who can intensely reside there.

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Zalah: The Spiritual Quickening

About The Speaker



A businessman, entrepreneur, author, father and grandfather. Tired of selling my soul for the corporate goal I started The Centre For Transformation (The CFT™) in Calgary. I have been teaching for over 20 years.

Through a series of teachings and events, I help my students find the magic in their lives again. We are living in interesting times and The Teachings I teach help people make sense of their life dynamics and make the most out of life.

I have been on a number of talk shows this year and you can listen to some of my talks. You can review the latest by going to website.

I also did this TEDx talk here

I also have published three books. My latest is “The Big Three”

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