Chireya Fox

Coach & Energy Healer


Chireya K. Fox (formerly known as Laura Fox) is an Author, Clairvoyant-Clairaudient- Clairsentient Guide and Energy Healer in service to the Awakening of Humanity. Having experienced profound awakenings at an early age, Chireya has prepared herself for this time of service as an Orator and Scribe for the Divine Creator within us all. Her calling is to ensure each and every being on earth has the opportunity to awaken to the Truth of ourselves as One with Love. In love with the Law and Divine Principle, Chireya brings profound clarity to our comprehension of the Creative Process, and a perspective that takes us all the way back, before the beginning of time, helping us resolve our greatest esoteric perplexities as we usher in a new era of co-creative potential on earth. Author of “Love’s Whisperings: Authentic Spiritual Development with the Star Elders” and “Unlocked & Unleashed: The God Within You,” Chireya expects to release the next three books in 2016. he is also the Founder of Pure Living Expo, New Earth Vision Portal and Anchor The Dream. She leads workshops and gives talks around the country and resides in the Denver, Colorado area. You may discover more, contact her and book private sessions at