Joan of Angels

Angel Therapy & Channel


I was born in Forest Hills New York on March 16th, birthed as a Piscean dreamer, empath and natural intuitive. During my early years, I thought paintings were real, as I found myself strolling among the gardens in the canvas, interacting with beautiful, elegant beings only I could see. My imagination allowed me to dive deep into the inner realms to discover the worlds within worlds.

Dr Joan takes you through a process to experience your connection to your angels and guides.

My fascination with the subconscious and archetypal myths led me on a lifetime journey, beginning at the age of 10, when I tried to remember my past lives, and read books on Lemuria, Atlantis, and psychic studies. After receiving my Master’s Degree in Counseling I moved to an Ashram, or Spiritual Community in Los Angeles, where my gifts as a healer emerged, leading me to relocate to Berkeley, where I launched an outrageously successful Chiropractic practice in Berkeley California, personally treating up to 90 patients a day.

It was during this stage, I was shown visions of my destiny preparing me to become the Messenger for the Earth Messengers. On the podium in front of the massive coliseum, I watched as millions of people came through, some on crutches and wheelchairs, in rags, slowly, en masse, walking by. I stood in the front, with a tall, elegant angel behind and to my left. With a sweep of her pure iridescent wings, she sang a song to me, revealing these were my people, I, Joan, gift of God, was here to help heal them, to inspire them, to encourage them on their journey, alleviate their burdens and help them remember who they were. And as she sang, thousands passed us, throwing away their sorrows, their pains, their rags and their crutches.

Here was my purpose, to heal and inspire millions of people.

An injury forced me to close my practice as a chiropractor and explore new opportunities to follow the vision. The journey led me to found the Miracle Makers Club, to help people remember they have the ability to step into their personal power, and Baja ParaNormal, a group devoted to exploring inter-dimensional realities.

This work launched the development of my skills as a medium and channel, as visions and images of angels, ascended masters, and ancient beings came to me. In the fall of 2013, I was told by these beings, in pictures and words, to “paint us and we will come.” Although I have painted since 2000, I was virtually a self-taught, primitive artist, and didn’t feel qualified. But as the voices continued to insist, I threw myself into painting, nonstop, for three months, emerging first with 33 angels, designed to create an Angel Portal, and then with the Earth Messengers.

The Earth Messengers are here to bring healing of the heart, and remind us, that we too are powerful beings, with the potential to live a larger life. The message of “Paint us and we will come,” is part of a universal truth for all of us, with a larger theme of “believe, and your truth, your life, will manifest.”

The process of painting these Earth Messengers, begins with a vision, a dream, and thru a meditative process, the paint brush literally moves itself, and the beings direct their presentation.

These Earth Messengers, Beings Sent by the Divine, invite you to engage with them, to feel their loving process, to assist you in throwing away your burdens, and manifest your personal vision.