Jordan Sather

Millenial Truth Warrior


I was born between the shores of the Puget Sound in Kitsap County, Washington State, in the year 1990. I began my never ending search for truth at the young age of 20, catalyzed by what I learned working at a local health food store. I ended up dropping out of college to work there, no longer finding conventional schooling resourceful to understanding our reality. This is where I began down the famed rabbit holes, first learning about the nature of GMO’s, Vaccines, and our healthcare system. I then swiftly moved into other areas of research, having a passion for ancient history, physics, UFO truth and all knowledge associated with our greater awakening.

After working at a few health stores, a chiropractic clinic, and multiple gyms, I now own my own health coaching business, Conscious Strength, as well as write articles for online conscious media publications and manage a popular disclosure-based YouTube channel, Destroying The Illusion.