Aaron Pyne

For many eons the Elven Wizard has been a guardian of the Realms, including Earth. Across the ages, he has been assisting Avatars in awakening to their full multidimensional nature, unleash their majik, and support in the evolution of civilizations.

The Elven Wizard is the Avatar (aka “higher self”) of Aaron Pyne. Aaron is an accomplished speaker, multidimensional healer, “Light Language” activator, visionary artist, ceremony guide, myth maker, and seer. Since his childhood, he’s been opening portals between Realms to help others remember their connection to the sacred and the infinite Realms across the Tree of Life. He has the unique gift to help people move through their limitations and connect with a crystal clear vision of their true self, then assist them in bringing that to life. Over the last two years he’s developed a new exciting meditation platform (Website & app) called Inner Realms Journey that takes users on a majikal journey inside themselves to unleash their Avatar and travel the cosmos to explore countless Realms (aka dimensions). It’s continuing to grow as a powerful and fun tool for personal transformation for adults, in classrooms,in mental health organizations, and in spiritual centers.

Portal To Ascension Appearances

The Ultimate Star Beings Conference