Acurda Melchizedek

Acurda is a specialist in working with the multi-dimensional aspects of DNA. She teaches people how to access genetic information in their holographic blueprints in order to live to their highest potential. It is her passion to support people in healing their DNA, by showing how to clear destructive DNA patterns from ancestral lineage, timeline distortions, trauma, dis-ease, AI technology and restructure the fabric of DNA strands for vibrational alignment and activation with their wholeness, soul sourced mission, and purpose. She consciously organizes light structures of holographic information, with bio geometry, akashic field threading, hybrid genetic harmonics, and other multi-dimensional aspects. Acurda is leading programs on the transformation of the triple helix DNA for the evolution of humanity, and leaving a new genetic lineage of light for our future.

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What is our human potential through our DNA?
How does each strand relate to dimensional reality?
How does light and geometry play a part in DNA structure?
How does DNA correlate to multidimensional access?
How does holographic information get stored in DNA ?
What are the 12 strands of DNA and what do they do?
How can we change or preserve our genetic lineage?


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The Ultimate Star Beings Conference