Adam Riva

Talk 1: The Global Pesticide Crisis: How to Thrive in a Toxic World

Our food supply is now predominantly in the hands of international biotech and agrichemical manufacturers that are polluting our food, our bodies, and our planet. They have genetically modified our food and hijacked our democracy by heavily lobbying judges and politicians to grant them carte blanche.

Learn about the unreported issues and the suppressed solutions to take your health and your power back from the clutches of these pernicious companies

Talk 2: Microbiome Miracles: How to Supercharge Your Immune System

Your body is under attack by pathogens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but is sickness unavoidable? Could your diet and lifestyle be the driving forces behind your susceptibility to infections? What if you are suppressing your immune system everyday with ordinary foods and behaviors?

Learn the free and simple tricks to supercharge your immune system, thrive in a toxic world, and become virtually invincible to illness.
Adam Riva is the editor of Dauntless Dialogue, an independent media outlet and podcast exploring the occult, holistic health, politics, and culture and features special guests from the UFO, conspiracy, and truth communities. He is the author of the nutritional science book Humans are Herbivores: A Scientific Case for Veganism. He is the founder of Dragonfly Effect Naturals, a philanthropic buy-one-give-one company that manufactures holistic products with a global mission.

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