Adele Lamborn
DNA Ascension

Adele was born with awakened consciousness. She experienced numerous interdimensional realities as a child and had many out of body experiences not only in childhood but also since the age of 14 when she learned several powerful and incredibly transformational meditation techniques she is still using daily to deepen her experience of the Source. In her talk, she will share her fascinating experiences that inspired her to make a difference in the world as a lightworker in international politics where she interacted with the presidents of this world but also as a brilliant scientist, researching human potential and humanity’s evolutionary trajectory scientifically. Adele will present her academic research and scientific work based on her own transcendental experiences, guided by her teacher Yogananda while being proven by modern western science. You will learn how to awaken fully, how to experience enlightenment, how to live a purpose driven life on every level of your existence. Adele will share a map of human evolution we can all use daily to know who we are and where we are headed. This is a practical talk we can all use to live magically and fully.
Adele is an Academic Researcher specializing in the fields of Consciousness, Human Transformation, Somatic Psychology and Genetics. She holds a Master’s Degree in Consciousness and Transformative Studies from John F. Kennedy University, Berkeley, California. She is currently studying Genetics and Genomics at Stanford University and her doctoral research in Applied Psychophysiology focuses on examining how raising our vibrational state affects our biology and physiology.

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