Adrien Blackwell

For a decade, Adrien worked as a celebrity healer, but for the 12 years prior, she was known as a celebrity psychic who had studied energy healing extensively, yet lacked confidence in her abilities. Despite her doubts, Adrien explored 13 different modalities of energy healing and was amazed to witness the disappearance of cancer and cysts, and help people find mental peace after years of relying on depression medication. Her extraordinary healings are attributed to her deep divine connection, which allows her to tap into profound sources of healing energy.

Today, as a teacher, she imparts her knowledge and confidence to others, guiding them to become confident, miraculous energy healers themselves by teaching them her own healing modality called the Adrien Blackwell Healing Method. With her divine connection as the driving force, Adrien’s teachings empower individuals to unlock their healing potential and create transformative shifts in their lives.

In her daily intimate one-on-one sessions, Adrien focuses solely on women who prioritize their careers and financial success at the expense of love, often due to past hurts that make them feel unlovable. With her profound insights and healing abilities, she helps them break free from these limiting beliefs and guides them towards finding true, authentic love, achieving financial abundance, and creating more time to spend on the things they enjoy. Her clients are ready to embrace and manifest all aspects of a fulfilling life, and under Adrien’s guidance, they are empowered to make it a reality.

Adrien Blackwell is a beacon of inspiration and transformation, using her divine connection, extensive healing knowledge, and unwavering belief in the limitless potential of the human spirit to guide individuals towards profound healing and extraordinary personal growth.

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