Alana Leone

Rev. Alana Leone B. Msc. is an energy medicine practitioner using the Bio-Well, Stellerwaves 5.0 and many modalities such as Reiki and other modalities to make Divine Love and Guidance a one stop shop for supporting the energy and well being of her clients. She has a bachelor’s degree in Metaphysics and is studying for her PhD in Integrative Medicine.

Alana uses many techniques for meditation, stress release, trauma awareness and release, body and biofield mapping, chakra balancing and showing her clients how to make the best changes easily and effortlessly.
Alana wrote a book in 2015 called “Wake Yourself Up” and has written other chapters and articles.

She teaches a 2-day “Soul’s Purpose Journey” Experience to connect people back to parts of themselves that may have been fragmented during this life and other lives, to integrate and align the soul, mind and body. The benefit is to create a life with unlimited potential and bliss living.

On her website are events that are online and in-person. She is in the energy mecca Sedona, Arizona and does other trainings in amazing areas like Maui, Hawaii.
Her passion is to help her clients create a life of unlimited possibility and love!

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