Anastasia Armanova

My name is Anastasia Armanova ( Luna Devi Surya Shakti) and I am an ordained activatress and transmitter of divine Shakti energy. I am one of the first KAP facilitators in America. KAP – Kundalini Activation Process – is a direct Kundalini Transmission that activates the Kundalini Awakening process. In the past four years I have traveled across multiple countries: India, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Austria, Dubai, activating hundreds of ready souls, uniting them with their higher selves, and aligning them to the intense Kundalini frequency native in all human beings. I have traveled and worked with a guru for about two years and further tuned and amplified my instrument. We have lived in the USA, India, Italy, visited Poland, Africa, Spain, Russia. Together we found a beautiful Ashram in South Italy. And now my SOLO journey continues in the USA, traveling from Coast to Coast activating human’ consciousness.

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