April & Jay Matta

April and Jay Matta are 5D Mystics, the founders GnosticTV Network, hosts of SpirituallyRAW, and ASEA Double Diamond Executives. They’ve interviewed thousands of spiritual way-showers from around the globe, unraveling the mysteries of life, the universe, and our reality. They are neither psychics nor mediums and do not use tarot cards, pendulums, crystal balls, or other forms of divination for answers. They receive clarity and guidance by channeling their Infinite Higher Self and placing unwavering trust in their Sacred Inner-Being. April and Jay are also the creators of the 5D Economy Academy, a groundbreaking platform designed to master the secret hidden knowledge of abundance and prosperity and usher in a new economic paradigm aligned with higher consciousness. They are authors of “The 12 Universal Laws Decoded: How to Apply Ancient Wisdom for Modern Success” and “Abundance Alchemy: Quick & Positive Life Changes for Manifestation Mastery”. These two transformative ebooks encapsulate their profound understanding of universal principles and their application for achieving success and abundance in the modern world. Together, they have made a significant impact in the realm of spiritual enlightenment and business acumen. Through their diverse endeavors, April and Jay Matta continue to inspire, educate, and lead the way toward a more enlightened and prosperous future for all.

Portal To Ascension Appearances

The Great Awakening Free Conference