Ashlea Piefer

Ashlea Piefer, also known as Metaphysical Ash, is a catalyst for personal and organizational transformation through customized events, workshops, speaking engagements, and one-on-one education. Her journey commenced with a transformative spontaneous Kundalini awakening, navigating misunderstood physical ailments, and making profound shifts in mindset, diet, and behavior over the years. This awakening, which included interdimensional and extraterrestrial contact, ignited her mission to help others experiencing similar paths.

Having spent years in self-study, Ashlea’s journey began in childhood with experiences of psychic sensitivities. As a teenager, she delved into the occult, which eventually led her to more practical applications as an adult, studying neuroscience and the psychology of thought patterns. Through her understanding of how these patterns contribute to our reality, Ashlea creates transformational workshops and events, utilizing guided meditation to shift individuals at a foundational and frequency level.

Her mission is to awaken individual authenticity, honor uniqueness, and promote unity, understanding, and acceptance. Guided by foundational principles, Ashlea empowers others to embrace their specific authenticity and understand their vital role within the greater whole of creation. Apart from her work, Ashlea finds joy in nature, dancing, and music, enriching her connection to the universe and her inner self.

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