Beautiful Existence
Cannabis as Spirit Medicine

Beautiful Existence is a born-medium who has been on a path of realigning with past-life wisdom for years and reconnected with the Cannabis plant spirit and medicine in 2015. After connecting with the plant’s spiritual medicine, she co-authored her first book, The Next Level – Cannabis Wisdom for Our World, which channeled the Cannabis plant’s chakras back into the world! In 2017, while attending the Harvard Houghton Library’s Altered States exhibit, Beautiful Existence connected with a powerful Oracle, Madame Lenormand, through her deck that was on display, and the first and only Cannabis (Flower of Life) Tarot channeled into our world. A historic part of Cannabis history that is housed in five International Museums, including the MIT Distinctive Collection.

As a Cannabis Medium and Business Oracle, Beautiful Existence has worked with individuals, groups, companies, or owners, to raise the plant’s spiritual connection and all forms of ethereal medicine in our world. Beautiful Existence is a featured author for SKUNK Magazine, a regular speaker at Cannabis conferences, and is currently finishing her Master’s thesis about human evolution that she has been channeling for years. She is a senior apprentice in Ancient Babylonian Astrology, has recalled multiple ethereal wisdoms from past-life work to divination, energy work, and oracle practices, regularly coaches on the use of Clair abilities, and holds various spiritual certifications and shamanic ritual acknowledgments by various leaders and theories, or practices.

Since her work in graduate school has been centered on regularly engaging her Clair and Oracle abilities, Beautiful Existence elevated her initiation in 2020 by being called into the Ethereal Archive. She is now doing research for her Ph.D. dissertation within the archive’s discovery and has established an academic and ethereal cohort that is working to underline current social structures for which acknowledgment, accommodation, and authority based on ethereal understanding is needed.


n her session, Beautiful Existence will go into the entry connection points of the Cannabis plant spirit medicine, establishing sacred connections and intentions for further development and practice, where her work has now evolved, and how you can become involved in her research for the reemergence of all sacred ethereal beings.

Beautiful Existence invites you to come to her session with an open heart, an open mind, and a passion to expand your current relationship with Cannabis (or any ethereal element) for the benefit of all sentient and non-sentient in our new world!

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