Bibhu Misra
Yoga Mudras In Orthodox Christian Art: Does It Indicate A Hindu-Buddhist Influence?

Presentation 1: Yoga Mudras in Orthodox Christian Art: Does it indicate a Hindu-Buddhist Influence?
Presentation 2: Indus Valley cultural elements in Minoan Crete: Was it due to Migration?

Bibhu Dev Misra is an independent researcher and writer on ancient mysteries, historical research, cultural connections and cosmic wisdom. He has travelled widely across the world, and has written numerous articles for different magazines and websites including the New Dawn, Nexus, Science to Sage, Graham Hancock Forum, Viewzone, Esamskriti and others. He has been interviewed by radio channels such as OSOM, Earth Ancients Radio and Times FM India and has spoken at many online conferences. He is an engineer and MBA by profession, and has worked for nearly two decades in the field of Information Technology. He is currently based out of Kolkata, India. He can be contacted at and via his personal blog:

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