Bre Wolfe
Plant Medicine Facilitator

Bre Wolfe is an author, inspirational speaker and compassionate spiritual teacher. She has been featured on numerous local and national television shows as a news anchor and notable personality. Her deep spiritual journey lead her to discover a body of inner work that illuminated her spirit and soul so she could assist others to live radiant lives.

Bre Wolfe teaches transformational healing practices through sacred movement, breath and sound combined with ancient plant medicine rituals and ceremony.

Bre became personally aware of the importance of natural plant medicines after experiencing life changing ayahuasca journeys internationally with a shaman. This deeply influenced her offerings to the world, transforming her approach to energy, yoga and ‘light’ coaching. Her approach hearkens back to ancient wisdom teachings from both indigenous cultures and yogic traditions.

Her unique blend of work helps release trauma, judgements, pain, limiting thinking and dense energy from the body and mind, freeing you to experience your higher truth and your healing. As a ‘light’ coach, she lovingly guides you to take new actions that are in alignment with your highest calling.

Bre founded the first ever ‘Sacred Plant Medicine Yoga’ in a studio in Arizona. And then brought the combination of cannabis and yoga to Maui and the Hawaiian Islands. She has been fortunate to study under brilliant yoga teachers and mentors who had direct influence from the masters: Nadia Toraman of Maui, Deborah Garland in Scottsdale and Eric Shiffman who started Freedom Style Yoga in Los Angeles. Her life Coaching mentor was the late Debbie Ford who drew heavily on Carl Jungs’ Shadow work. Bre Wolfe is a RYT 500 yoga teacher, certified Professional Integrative Life Coach under Debbie Ford, a certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator (Amrit Method), certified Reiki Practitioner and a certified Cannabis-assisted Psychedelic Guide.

As a Psychedelic guide, Bre uses cannabis-assisted psychedelics to help heal PTSD, Trauma, anxiety and addictions from the body. She offers one-on-one guided journeys, as well as, guided group experiences.

Bre recently published her new book, BREATHE: Your Guide to Cannabis, Yoga & Spirituality, where she shares her beautiful story of awakening in a way that can uplift you as well. Learn about her book at

Bre believes we are in the midst of an inner revolution where all men and women are being called to honor their empowered feminine or yin energies. And take actions based on love, light, compassion and forgiveness to the world. Knowing healing must start first with oneself, she calls on everyone to learn to hear and honor their deepest authentic knowing and to compassionately step up care for themselves first so they can be the catalyst of a higher vision and empowered loving change for others.

Bre grew up in Nome, Alaska on the Bering Sea, part of a Caucasian minority in an Inupiat Eskimo village of about two thousand people. She developed a deep respect for native culture, the land and all sentient beings. Today that respect expresses in her work with sacred plants. Knowing we are all one human race and all sharing one home on Mother Earth has deepened her determination to protect the earth’s diverse biological abundance. She is committed to protecting the rights of all sentient beings to live freely in thriving, safe sanctuaries on the land, in the air and in our oceans.

Bre is aligned with an international group of pioneering holistic teachers and therapists based out of Boulder, Colorado, called Medicinal Mindfulness. They are an intentional psychedelic community that promotes safe and intentional psychedelic medicine practices for personal and global healing and transformation. She offers cannabis-assisted psychedelic therapy for trauma resolution, life transitions, and psychedelic integration support. She founded Sacred Plant Medicine Yoga and Sacred Plant Medicine Journeys in Maui, Hawaii to help people heal PTSD, trauma and anxieties that can accumulate in the body vehicle. These journeys which include deep breath work, can help transform darker, dense energies into higher light frequencies, thus freeing healing space in the body, mind and spirit so that all people can reclaim their light and live in global harmony.

Title of Experiential: Experience Light Body Fusion
Descriptor: Literally feel and merge with your Light Body through ancient yogic techniques such as Breath, Sacred Plant Medicine and Asana
Bre will show you how to use your physical body to transcend into higher realms using breath, plant medicine (in the form of cannabis), and asana (postures). This can be a felt experience of transcending the envelope of your skin and merging with higher light frequencies. This is not a typical yoga class.

The combination of yoga, cannabis and breath work can assist in clearing energetic and physical blocks, release deeply held tension, quiet mental chatter, relieve stress, worry, anxiety and chronic pain. The ancient combination of breath, cannabis and asana can help balance the nervous system, relieve inflammation and boost immunities.

You will want to experience this in a place without distractions.

This is mainly a Yin Restorative experience. Most of the poses are held for about 2 minutes and most are done while sitting down.

Please turn off any additional electronics.
Reduce lighting to a soft glow and secure children and pets away from your quiet space.

What You Will Need:
2 blocks or 2 large books (the same size)
A strap or a belt of any kind
A yoga mat or towel
Bolster or several pillows
Your partaking device and
Sacred plant medicine

Additional Items to Enhance Your Experience:
Sage to cleanse yourself and your space
Blankets for comfort
Calming Healing Essential Oils

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