Brooke Grove
Integrative Healer, Intuitive and Shamanic Energy Practitioner

Brooke Grove is a Near-Death Experiencer, Integrative Healer, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and Writer in co-creation with Spirit. Brooke has advanced degrees in Clinical Psychology, Marital and Family Therapy and Clinical Art Therapy. Additionally, Brooke has has post-graduate certifications in Transpersonal Psychology, Eco-Psychology, Meditation and Trauma.

One of Brooke’s innate gifts is her ability to receive your energetic signature and intuit the gathering of highly specific tools and practices, which will realign your mental, physical, Spiritual and emotional bodies, reintroducing you to your truth and beauty, so you can live a more vibrant Life. She infuses energy medicine with multi-disciplinary psychology, creating a holistic emphasis, which releases that which no longer serves you. Moreover, she incorporates knowledge from her ever-expanding research in the fields of consciousness, kundalini, and near-death studies. Given the Wisdom she attained as a polytrauma survivor and as a former psychotherapist, she infuses her practice with a trauma-sensitive orientation.

Brooke’s goal is to explore, transmute and empower the evolution in human consciousness through gratitude, service and Light.


Portal to Ascension Conference 2020