Camille Moritz
Revelator of Light

Camille Moritz is a Revelator of Light as well as a Spiritual Intuitive, Reader and Healer. Camille channeled through Divine Mother an in depth transformational system of “Divine Revelation” whereby each soul is freed of karmic debt through revealing, clearing and integrating into the new Cosmic Fifth Dimensional Earth. Camille is in service to The One-Ascension of Mother Earth, as the organic time-line. She loves to teach Ascension Skills, Spiritual & Psychic Development, Crystal Healing, Archetypal Tarot, and Transformational Work in classes, workshops and group settings.

Her Bachelor’s of Arts is in Psychology. She has done Graduate Studies in Jungian Archetypal Psychotherapy & Body Centered Therapies. She has been a 15-year clinical case manager in traditional centers and has been providing Intuitive Readings for more than 20 years.

Portal To Ascension Appearances

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