Carla Macapinlac

Carla is a Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Energy and Sound Healer, Writer, and Multidimensional Guide. She is the author of Vade Mecum: An Always-Present Guide to Your Divine Path, and also publishes Mindful Morsels, a free newsletter on

As the owner/founder of Vade Mecum, LLC, Carla’s mission is to awaken others to the always-present guidance and innate power within them, so they can step into their highest, most authentic vision for themselves. Carla uncovered some of her psychic abilities early in life, with clairvoyance her most active gift. She channels guidance through aura readings, verbal channeling, light language, and in her healing treatments. She began consciously reconnecting with the dragons in 2020, eventually uncovering her past life connections, where she has served as a bridge between the human and dragon realms. As part of honoring her dragon lineage, Carla created her signature Dragon Energy Course, which she has been teaching since 2022, continuously expanding the content and format. She helps activate dragon connections in others through her courses and offerings.

Carla is hosting her first Dragon Forest Retreat on April 30-May 2 in Guerneville, California, near the Russian River and surrounded by redwood trees.


The Cosmic Dragons Conference