Charles Ziese
76.345: Russian Pyramids and the Lost Secrets of Sacred Geometry

76.345 is the slant angle of the Russian Pyramids developed by Dr. Alexander Golod, as well as the subject of Charlie’s upcoming book. This unique geometry has tremendous cosmological significance as it is the three-dimensional geometry of Universal Phi Scaling. In his talk, Charlie takes us on a journey of discovery. From the cone-shaped Nuraghes of Sardinia, the Great Zimbabwe ruins and the Scottish brochs – to Hindu and Buddhist temples, Gothic and Neo-Gothic cathedrals, synagogues, mosques, churches, castles, hieroglyphs, government buildings, bell and clock towers, obelisks, Mayan calendar, Mystery School architecture, ancient paintings and diagrams, Tartarian architecture, Russian Pyramids, Wardenclyffe Tower, and even modern day power plant cooling towers – mankind has been incorporating 76.345 in its architecture for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of years. This geometry is truly ‘hiding in plain sight’.

Charlie is the owner of Stargate Pyramids, and Chair of the Pyramid Science Foundation. Charlie makes, researches and speaks on Russian Pyramids and the significance of their 76.345 degree geometry. He is finalizing the first of a series of books on Russian Pyramids and the significance of 76.345. A former investment banker, Charlie received his BA and MBA degrees from Dartmouth College.

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