Chiraya Dharma
Coach & Energy Healer

Chiraya Dharma is a Manifesting Mentor, Advanced Energy Healer, Reality Creation Teacher, Brand Coach, Speaker, Consultant for Enlightened Business, and Bestselling Author. She assists people in remembering how to leverage their innate manifesting superpowers while healing old emotions, clearing outworn patterns, and stepping into their magnificence. Her offerings include Online Courses, Private Coaching and Healing Sessions, Private Retreats, Digital Downloads, Articles, Presentations and Lectures.

Her core intent is to assist in healing and upleveling the heart and soul of each being she connects with through comprehension of the Codes of Union and direct spiritual wisdom combined with knowledge of how to become masterful in our lives.

An accomplished and highly valued speaker, Chiraya Dharma has made hundreds of appearances at workshops, broadcasts, online summits, and talks that leave audiences grateful for the authentic truths they get to take home and call their own from then on, as well as powerful and necessary confirmations of their own inner knowing.

Chiraya Dharma has authored powerful books of foundational spiritual wisdom and comprehension, including Fall In Love with the Beloved Within, Unlocked & Unleashed: The God Within You, Codes of Union: Divine Mother Speaks, and Love’s Whisperings: Authentic Spiritual Development (available on

The Central book of the Codes of Union Series Fall In Love with the Beloved Within, brings to the table the tools, insights, and empowering will to assist people everywhere in leaving behind the dust of old paradigm mentalities so they can truly step into their true life’s calling and purpose with confidence, clarity and courage.

Helping people for over 30 years, her early training includes in-depth study, practice and certifications in numerous methodologies, including Soul Clearing, Direct-from-Source Interdimensional Energy Clearing / Shamanic Training, Unity Chaplain Training, Healing Touch, Forensic Healing, Theta Healing, Reiki, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, and many more.

Her early training also included direct encounters with living masters, shamans, and spiritual teachers who helped her develop her unique healing abilities including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, the ability to feel-see energies, read past lives, see and comprehend ancestral lineage and family dynamics leading to people’s issues, move and clear energy, communicate with an individual or group’s High Self consciousness, act as a medium to those beyond the veil, and more.

Over the years, all of these abilities have continued to increase in power and clarity, and she continues to receive transmissions from higher consciousness on a regular basis, for the benefit of all who feel attracted to this stream of divine love wisdom.

Conscious people from all walks of life including global change-makers, visionaries, spiritual seekers, conscious professionals, healers, luminaries, and lightworkers seek Chiraya Dharma’s wisdom, advice, and clear-seeing abilities as a Coach, Consultant, and Guide.

She bridges quantum pathways from the spiritual dimensions to earth realities to help people not only with their spiritual growth, but with creating grounded, practical, and successful businesses, projects, and lifestyles which support and enhance their authentic purpose and mission. She empowers conscious leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs to “deliver the goods” they were born to share with an awakening planet. Through her work as a Brand Coach and Business Systems Consultant, Chiraya helps conscious businesses level up their game on all levels, from brand and web design to business systems.

Throughout her life, she has received direct transmissions from Source Consciousness and the Lineages of Light which have guided her path. Her earliest recollection is of an act of intentional manifesting with God at age three. She also remembers utilizing an energy clearing technique called “raking the field” when she was seven, and created her first healing technique consciously at age 16, called “Writing It Out.”

Realizing a world of people empowered to live the truth of Source Within will change our planetary collective experience at a startlingly quick pace, she has dedicated her life to the transmission of this wisdom. Her daily practice includes envisioning humanity ascending to higher consciousness, a restoration of the planet’s ecology, well-being for the animals, clean water, air and soil, and healing for all.

Creator and Facilitator of The Anchor the Dream Playshop since 2005, Chiraya Dharma is the frequent recipient of powerful new paradigm downloads to help us in “The Shift. She has facilitated The Anchor the Dream Playshop at dozens of events since its creation in 2005.

She created the New Earth Vision Portal as a festival installation in 2016 based on the wisdom and knowledge contained within The Anchor the Dream Playshop.

She has a flair for the comedic, poetic, and artistic, and blends the sacred with humor and beauty to accomplish the goal of tickling souls into re-alignment with the Spark of Spirit which is eternal, effulgent, effervescent, and overflowing Love, Light, and Wisdom. She advocates the Power of Love as a purveyor of transformative wisdom.

Please visit her on the web at

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