Clare Hedin
Sound Practitioner

Clare Hedin is a vocal, tonal, resonance, and energy master. A musician, vocalist, and sound healer she reads the underlying dynamics and aspirations in the group field and brings those hidden dimensions into the most fulfilling and harmonious expression. She can read energy and has studied Consciousness both academically (MA) and, every day, experientially through contemplation and music creation.

In pursuit of a complete evolution of human consciousness, she has carefully and lovingly transcribed information about energy fields and the dynamics of interaction to help us become masters of our energy fields and the knowledge they can access. This enables us to engage coherently with the aliveness of other beings’ energy fields, and to read and respond to them authentically. She created the online school; Dynamic Emergence. To sign up for the series of classes and further your ability to transform, and help others do the same, sign up here;

Clare knows that the evolving edge of healing lies in exploring our collective emergence…and she knows how to bring us to that edge. Maybe you have never heard the sound of our collective longing, our collective sorrow, or our collective joy, but you will in the presence of her work in Dynamic Emergence and Sound Alchemy.

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