Coach Monarch

After not pursuing a career from my bachelors degree in chemistry, my first dark night of the soul sent me on a spirit lead journey across the country with only one bag to my name, in the pursuit of finding who I truly was. This path had many breadcrumbs from spirit that awaited me. The most notable ones being that I reconnected with my family on the sirius star system during a DMT journey, through my first ayahuasca ceremony my inner feminine energy was restored from childhood sexual trauma, and throughout the entire time living homeless, I built the muscle of trust within myself which then connected me deeper than ever to my true essence and soul mission.

Now, after 5 years of living and traveling homeless, I am proud to say I am in union with my beloved, reconnected after many lifetimes. I am internationally known as a professional psychic coach, I help individuals heal their trauma and integrate their shadows so that they can walk as the full versions they can be. My mission is to share my truth as bright and as loud as I possibly can so that all divine balanced beings can wake up and rise to the occasion of this ascension journey we are all on.

Portal To Ascension Appearances

The Ultimate Star Beings Conference