Constance Victoria Briggs

Constance Victoria Briggs explores our cosmic connections with her talk, Earth’s Galactic History, and Its Extraterrestrial Connection. In this presentation, Briggs examines current research, theories and evidence linking Earth and extraterrestrials past and present. Some of the topics that Briggs covers include whether the Earth was terraformed by advanced extraterrestrials; the theory that the Earth was seeded with life by other-worldly beings; possible extraterrestrial involvement in the creation of humans and more. She looks at evidence of humans being visited by beings from other worlds, and explores the idea that there was once a battle for Earth. She brings us signs, signals, messages, and clues showing evidence that extraterrestrials are trying to communicate with humanity; and takes us on a journey beneath the oceans where there is believed to be an extraterrestrial presence. Briggs also investigates the possibility that other worldly beings may be residing within the Earth. She delves into how extraterrestrials may be traveling to Earth via stargates, portals and wormholes using what she refers to as “the cosmic freeway.” Briggs also examines the possibility that there are extraterrestrials living among us. Extraordinary events believed to be related to extraterrestrials are also revealed. Briggs takes a look at current research into the UFO/UAP/USO phenomenon, detailing descriptions of these enigmatic objects. She talks about the possibility of there being authoritative hierarchies within our galaxy that may include other-worldly federations and councils that are responsible for a galactic community. In the end, Briggs ponders humanity’s future and whether it will be an apocalyptic one with humanity struggling to survive, or a spacefaring global society where we are the ones exploring and possibly colonizing new worlds.

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