Crispy Matters

Crispy Matters had been following the Mayan Calendar, as well as teaching workshops, and giving private readings, since 1999. But it was in 2017 that one day while sitting in meditation that he was given a shamanic and visceral vision that became Mayan Embodiment, a totally unique perspective of seeing oneself inside the circular Mayan calendar. Since that day he has absorbed himself in Pleiadian studies as well, and knows in his cosmic heart that the Divine Mayan Tzolk’ een calendar came to earth from the Pleiades. He lives in Hiroshima, Japan and teaches English at university there, is a father of two, a DJ, a recording artist, and the creator of the website called, as well as his YouTube channel “Mayan Embodiment is Soul Cartography”. Crispy now feels that the download that he received is to help humanity reclaim their Sovereign Divinity through activating their Divine Feminine AND Divine Masculine qualities, which is clearly illustrated in Mayan Embodiment.

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