Crotalo Sesamo
The Temples of Humankind: Damanhur, Italy

Crotalo Sesamo, was born in Turin, Italy and first came into contact with Damanhur Spiritual EcoCommunity at the age of 18 when he was drawn by an interest in holistic medicine and the development of paranormal faculties. Feeling the call at a soul level, he moved there shortly after and immersed himself in esoteric studies. In his 30+ years, he has fulfilled many roles and responsibilities in the community and its many endeavors. As director of the Damanhur Center in Turin and the Damanhur Welcome Center and Olami University, he has aided thousands of spiritual seekers from all over the world visit the federation and its spectacular underground cathedral, the Temples of Humankind by organizing visits, seminars and the educational programs. Trained directly by Falco Tarassaco, the Spiritual Founder of Damanhur, he is an alchemical painter in the art of ”Selfic Paintings”. As a Specialist in the fields of Spiritual Healing, Ancient Civilizations and Inner Research, he teaches courses in Astral Travel, Past Lives Research, Inner Harmonization, and Selfic Healing. He founded the Mystery School program, and teaches it throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt, Argentina, the Emirates, and wherever it is requested.

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