Gifted Psychic Medium/Hybrid/Starseed/Healer

Crystal was born in Vancouver, BC. She experienced a lifetime of unusual and supernatural occurrences. Since birth, she could see spirits, feel energy empathically, see the future, and put her hands on people to heal them. She was given visions of the future and messages for others throughout her lifetime. Her gifts come from the Sky Nations. Her and her Mother were abductees and highly gifted Starseeds. She chose Earth during this time to be of service to all. Her mission in this lifetime is to assist others on their journeys, to teach other Starseeds how to use their gifts and to share the important messages she receives for humanity. She is currently located in the Kootenay Rockies of BC, Canada. She lives off-grid in a remote community. She has been instructed by her guides to work by donation, as this work is considered a service to humanity. All suggested donation prices reflect the time and expenses she has incurred in doing this work. Crystal will not turn people away due to financial hardship. All are welcome and valued with divine love and gratitude.

Portal To Ascension Appearances

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