Daisy Foss

Daisy Foss is a Global Presenter and Healer who has studied many forms of healing whilst travelling the world extensively. Assisting her clients by Motivating, Transforming and Healing their trauma, addictions and physical issues. Daisy is qualified and trained in 24 different modalities of healing, with over 11,000 plus hours spent in the last 23 years. She has established her own healing practice, using compassion and humour to infuse you with Light.

Daisy is also an award-winning editorial contributor for Soul & Spirit Magazine and previously Connections Magazine, with 23 years of experience in the Media Industry. She shares her wisdom and knowledge of Awakening as a Teacher and Healer. Working with over 12,824 people through her 1-2-1 Healing Sessions, Workshops, and Retreats.

Daisy Foss specialises in assisting those that wish to move forward in their life. Her Mission is to “Perk up your Petals with Daisy ~ Open your Heart to your Angelic Being ~ Step into the New Now with the Angels of Awakening.”

Find out more about Daisy Foss, her online Courses and Healing Therapies at
Ask any questions info@daisyfoss.com

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