Dan Willis

Dan is one of the Top Secret Military Witnesses that testified at the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2001 in front of the major mainstream media of the world. A world disclosure event prompted by those within our government with legal constitutional authority being illegally denied access. This event was asking for a congressional hearing in order to bring forth the witness scientists within the unacknowledged special access projects in order to release the advanced technologies derived from extraterrestrial reverse engineering that have been hidden for many decades. The message was sanitized by a controlled mainstream media to the public and the congressional hearing was denied. An ex-ABC newsman, Dan has taken a keen interest in how the mainstream media has withheld disclosure of the full message to the public, a message based on the hundreds of credible military and intelligence witness testimonies.

In researching the testimonies and historical events, indications are that President Dwight D. Eisenhower upon losing control to an infiltration of the corporations within the military industrial complex by the German Fourth Reich, set forth a plan to protect our constitutional republic through a secret executive order that would activate military intelligence operations to rectify this threat if our constitutional republic in the future was ever threatened as it is today, and that these operations have been activated and have been attempting to alert and inform our citizens to this reality.

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