Dana Mistretta

Dana Mistretta is the person you connect with when you are ready cut ties with the conversations, behavior patterns limiting beliefs and habits that are no longer serving you. Her vision is for humanity to return to the remembrance that the body is a temple, and that ‘kingdom is found within”. This deep connection is optimized and activated through the synergy of superfood nutrition, cellular cleansing, and holistic practices to revitalize the soul. while detoxing from foods, thoughts, energies, and relationships that bring anguish to the mind and create dis-ease in the body.

When the essential elements of our system are spiritually aligned and in vibrational harmony, then the mind and body can do what they naturally meant to do ~ HEAL and ASCEND.

Full integration elicits intuition and creates trust in oneself on a visceral level, thus increasing personal power.

“Dana’s coaching clients include Fortune 500 CEO’s and executives, professional athletes and their children, celebrities, and well-known influencers. She mentors other coaches, facilitators, and spiritual practitioners who are fine tuning their craft. Dana offers a unique blend of life coaching in combination with shamanic practices, healing through frequency, ceremony, and Reiki to support her clients in receiving an instantaneous cellular upgrade, DNA repair, mindset reprogramming, connection to self and the Creator. She offers both live and remote sessions to individuals or groups. As Plant-Based Ceremonial Chef who follows indigenous dietas, she understands how nutrition optimizes the body and clears the vessel.

Relationship is at the epicenter of every modality that I offer in my practice. All these processes are intelligently designed to chisel away the identity of false-self you created in order to camouflage and protect the masterpiece that is authentically YOU. “I stand for each human being to know that an enriched life is not found in what you DO, what degree or title you hold, and/or any previous label assigned to you or one you may have placed upon yourself; it’s in who you BEE”.

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